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Policies for employee behavior


  • We will always put laws and social conventions before profits.
  • We will act as ethical individuals and dignified citizens.
  • We will not conceal damaging information about our company or ourselves, and will quickly make such information available to concerned parties.
  • We will take a firm stand against antisocial forces, and refuse to have dealings with them.


  • We will act in good faith in order to win the trust of our customers.
  • We value the maintenance of long-term relationships of trust with our customers, local communities, and our shareholders.
  • We will be fair in our dealings and with our competition.


  • We will act through the cooperation of all our employees, who are united in their efforts to assess what is best for society.
  • We value our connections with local communities as we aim to become a good corporate citizen.
  • We will seek to achieve harmony between the natural environment and our work.


  • We will approach our work with an attitude of fortitude and austerity.
  • We will continuously apply our originality and ingenuity to develop our productivity.
  • We will immediately put good ideas into action.

5.Technical Improvement

  • We will seek to hone our creativity, believing that innovation is the source of our competitiveness.
  • We will aim to attain the world’s highest technological level as we vigorously improve our technology.
  • We will actively seek to acquire new knowledge skills without the fear of making mistakes.