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President’s Greeting

From a Prestige Hatmaker to a Marking-pen nib Company

Teibow was originally founded in 1896 as Teikoku Seibo Kabushiki Kaisha (Imperial Hat-Makers, Ltd.), a manufacturer of high-quality hats for gentlemen. It is still a source of pride that our Company’s hats were chosen for use as part of the official uniform of the Japanese Olympic team in the 1964 Tokyo Olympics.
In the late 1950s, Teibow began the development of nibs for marking pens, taking advantage of its technology for processing felt, the main fabric used in hats. Despite the decline in demand for high-quality gentlemen’s hats, our Company was able to continue its growth thanks to the expansion of business in that new area. In 1981, the Company’s name was officially changed to the current Teibow Co., Ltd., marking the full transition of the company from a hatmaker to a manufacturer of pen nibs.

Best Marking-pen Technology in the World

Having established a foothold in the market of felt pen-nibs, the Company further expanded into synthetic-fiber pen nibs and plastic pen nibs, accumulating a broad spectrum of technologies in response to the needs of our clients, predominantly manufacturers of writing instruments.
The Company’s product lineup has since grown to some 2,400 items. As pen nibs come in different shapes and thicknesses, as well as varying durability and “writing feel,” depending on their use, we have come to precisely respond to our clients’ needs through a scientific analytical method built upon the basis of data gathered through years of experience.
Teibow has now developed a solid reputation as the world’s leading company in the field of marking pens, owing to its outstanding technological development, low-cost manufacturing technology, and high quality. We at Teibow pledge to further hone our strengths as a leading company so as to respond to the rising demand for marking pens, also taking advantage of our pen-nib manufacturing technology to expand aggressively into other related fields, such as cosmetics and industrial-use parts.

Seeking New Sources of Growth

The Company has intrepidly moved toward the establishment of new lines of activity. In the effort to expand its business even further, Teibow has boosted its technological level in the newly-introduced field of metal injection molding (MIM), organizing a system of mass production from an early stage.
The slogan of “discipline, integrity, harmony, diligence, and technical improvement” became our corporate motto in 1936. The entire Company, including each of its employees, still abides by those important principles of self-discipline. Based on the principle that a company is supported by the foundation of its people, we at Teibow focus on employee training and education, improving the capacities of each individual so as to bring their power together to reinforce the Company’s overall strength.

Kenji Takahara

President and CEO