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Teibow History

June 1896 "Teikoku Seibo Co., Ltd." was originally founded in Hamamatsu with a capital of 120,000 yen, and began manufacturing high-quality soft hats and felt hats.
May 1930 The Showa Emperor came to observe company operations.
June 1945 Factory was destroyed by an air attack.
August 1946 The head office and production facility moved to the present location and commenced operations.
January 1957 Commenced manufacture and sales of felt nibs.
March 1959 Commenced manufacture and sales of helmets.
January 1962 Commenced manufacture and sales of synthetic fiber nibs.
January 1963 Authorized as a JIS factory (safety headgear) by the Ministry of International Trade & Industry.
March 1968 Commenced manufacture and sales of plastic nibs.
December 1968 Company name was changed to "Teibow Co., Ltd. (帝帽株式会社)" to reflect the changes in business operations.
December 1974 Manufacture of felt hats was discontinued due to declining demand.
December 1981 Company name was changed in Japanese, using different characters for "Teibow Co., Ltd.(テイボー株式会社)".
December 1985 Manufacture and sales of helmets discontinued.
November 1993 The "Miyakoda Technical Center" was completed at the Hamamatsu Technopolis industrial park.
January 1994 Commenced manufacture and sales of metal parts by Metal Injection Molding.
December 1998 Constructed a new metal injection molding facility.

Company at time of founding

Hat-making factory (molding plant)

Panel of hats worn by celebrities

First magic ink pen