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Features of MIM
Production process
Application fields and applicable materials
Kinds of Teibow’s MIM Materials
Flow up to Launch of Mass Production

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Features of MIM

As a conventional technique for metal parts,

  • (1) machining,
  • (2) forging,
  • (3) investment casting,
  • (4) die casting and
  • (5) powder metallurgy

are provided in this order.
MIM is a totally new, 6th processing technique.

Complex shape Complex shape metal parts can be made in near net shape.
Freedom of
shape design
Horizontal holes and grooves can easily be made in 3-D.
Parts in shape not existed before and those used by combining multiple parts can be designed in a unified form.
Mass production Like plastic molding, MIM is suitable for multiple molds and robot-used production.
Precision High grade powder can be used to get molds with uniform precision and less distortion and so put into high-density and high-rigidity products.
Difficult processing materials Difficult processing materials such as SUS, Ti and W alloys can be molded in near net shape for reduced processing manhours and adding value to the products.
Cost Near net shape can provide energy saving after processing, leading to cost down.