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Kinds of Teibow’s MIM Materials

As MIM materials, we deal with general Fe-(Ni), SUS, structural steel, high carbon Cr-SUS, high speed steel and super alloy. In addition to soft magnetic materials, we can also handle non-ferrous materials mainly made up with pure titanium, titanium alloy and tungsten alloy. We will recommend you materials if you show us your characteristic values.

Kinds of alloy grade Main constituent Characteristics
Fe-(Ni) Fe,Fe-2Ni,Fe-8Ni High magnetism
Fe-(Ni)-C Fe-(Ni)-0.4~1.0C High strength
SUS304L Fe-18Cr-9Ni High corrosion resistance/soft
SUS316L Fe-17Cr-12Ni-2.5Mo High corrosion resistance/soft
SUS430 Fe-17Cr High magnetism/soft
SUS440C Fe-17Cr-1.05C High strength
SUS630 Fe-12Cr-4Ni-4Cu-Nb High strength
SKH(51) Fe-0.85C-4.2Cr-5Mo-6W-2V Wear resistance, high hardness
KOVAR Fe-29-Ni-17Co Sealing alloy
INVAR,SUPER INVAR Fe-Ni,Fe-32Ni-4Co Low thermal expansivity alloy
STELLITE NO12 Co-1,5C-30Cr-8W High hardness
TITANIUM Ti,Ti-6A-4V Light weight, corrosion resistance
Fe-Co Fe-49Co-2V High magnetism

Dimensional tolerance of sintering body

Dimensional tolerance of sintering body graph

If you have special products requiring higher precision than the above dimensional tolerance in terms of their portion and shape, we will separately respond to such requests.

Acceptable weight

Acceptable weight graph

※ Density 95~99%
※ It is different depending on the material and the condition.