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Fiber Nibs

Fiber Nibs

The nibs are made of synthetic fibers (primarily acrylics, polyesters and nylons)binded with a special resin each other. The combination of fiber material, thickness and amount with resin type and volume enables the creation of a wide variety of pens for, including permanent markers, whiteboard markers, line markers, fine liners and brush pens,etc.

Acrylic FiberProducts

From vividness of ink color to sufficient ink flow, acrylic nib meets all the demands for marker pens. The durability of our nibs, and the quality of our production systems are second to none in the industry.

Polyester FiberProducts

Polyester nib is notable for its almost effortless soft writing touch. We develop products resistant to various solvents while maintaining the highest standards of quality.

Nylon FiberProducts

This material can be used in a broad spectrum of applications, from hard to soft touch nibs, to eyeliner applicators.

Product Applications

Product applications