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Our products are used in a variety of cosmetics goods, a number of which are introduced below.

Cosmetic goods


Perfect for applying makeup, the feel of markers make it easy to put on cosmetics anywhere.

Lip liners

Bringing your color of choice to your lips. Delivers large particle and liquid sheen not possible with hard stick applicators.

Nail care

Puts color at your fingertips. Teibow’s capillary action and soft touch find applications in nail care as well.

Multiple uses

Our technologies can be used in various ways in cosmetics products.

Dip type
As frequently seen in pen-in-bottle type eyeliners and nail care products, where the touch of the tip is essential.
Pen type
Free ink and reservoir systems, both of which exhibit a pen-like feel. These meet the demand for stability in take-anywhere, use-anywhere products.
Knock and twist deliverable pen-type applicators. Can be used for high-viscosity inks and solvents.

Materials used


In combination with our technologies, nylon can be used to develop hard to pliant applications.


Polyesters are well-suited to high viscosity fluids and strong solvents.


This exhibits stable, continuous flow.

RBT brushes

Our technologies create a realistic fiber feel.

PE foams

This highly porous material delivers exquisite softness.