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Applied Product

Applied Product

Teibow technologies are finding applications in many fields.

Eyeliners, nail care


Our products are used in a variety of eye, nail and lip cosmetic products. Nylon’s suppleness is ideal of eyeliner and lip-liner brushes, while polyester’s soft touch makes it good for use in nail care products and nail polish removers. Our plastics provide fine-line capabilities suited for nail art detailing. See the Cosmetics page for more…


Hair-dye applicator, adhesive brush head

Brush Heads

Teibow provides brush heads for household (glues) and industry (adhesives) use, as well as for use in hair dye applicators. Our technologies allow for the development of products designed to deliver a controlled amount of fluid.

New field

Dental cleaning, ear cleaning

Personal Hygiene

Much attention is now paid to personal hygiene, and there has been great recent interest in handy products for cleaning specific body areas. We make use of sophisticated technologies and the properties of specific materials in developing dental and ear cleaning products.

New field

PEEK tubes

Medical Applications

These tubes make use of technologies developed for use in pen nibs, and are used in life-saving medical applications.

New field

Other sectors using Teibow technologies

Fragrances Fragrances
Toys Toys and brushes
OA Ink cartridges,touch pen
Electronics Hair dryers, air conditioners