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Fluid, Micro- and Fixed-quantity Sampling Devices

  • Plastic capillaries make it possible to sample minute or fixed quantities of liquids (blood, saliva, periodontal fluid for diagnostic and other purposes. (Even submicroliter samples can be collected.)
  • Sample collection can be done without the use of pipettes, and can be performed by anyone without requiring special training.
  • Sample collection without costly effort, and the capillary action of the sampling device can be used to collect a fixed amount of sample.
The actual configuration is secret

Measurements Using Physiological Saline Solution

Table 1 Examples of microliter, fixed size sampling
Device size(mm) 0.80X20
Theoretical sample volume(µl) 1.85
Actual sample volume(µl) AVE 1.95
S 0.05
Table 2 Examples of submicroliter, fixed size sampling
Device size (mm) 0.38X20
Theoretical sample volume(µl) 0.48
Actual sample volume(µl) AVE 0.55
S 0.05

Saline absorbed

The above shows the possibility of collecting samples in the 0.4 to 15 microliter range through natural capillary action. (The device is made of polyacetal.)

Patent pending. Patent application: 2004-098433