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PEEK Tubes

PEEK Tubes

PEEK (polyether ether ketone) tubes are thermoplastic resin tubes with excellent physical and chemical properties.

PEEK Resin Properties

  • Long-term use at high-temperatures.
    Long-term usage temperature: 240 degrees C
    Melting point: 343 degrees C
  • Can be used long-term in hot water, steam as well.
  • Excellent fatigue-resistance
  • Excellent shock-resistance
  • Wear-resistance comparable to polyimides
  • Strong resistance to acids, alkalis at high temperatures
  • Non-solvent in agents other than concentrated sulfuric acid
  • Scant emission of outgases, metallic ions
  • As seen above, PEEK resin (also known as super engineering plastic, or super enpla) is a thermoplastic resin with exceptional physical characteristics, but a high level of technical skill is necessary to extrusion mold it into stable configurations.

    As the molding temperature is much higher than in ordinary engineering plastics, specially designed extrusion equipment and screws are used to ensure stable molding.
  • The tube extruding technology used in our pen nib production enable the extrusion of PEEK resin tubes into diverse shapes, as described below.

    It is possible to mold not only single round lumen tubes, but double-lumen, and non-standard forms (with either internal or external projections) as well.

Tube Products

Magnified image of PEEK tubes in various forms

Image of the tubes shown in cross-section to the left


PEEK Tube Specifications

  External diameter Internal diameter
Smallest moldable size 0.40mm 0.30mm
Largest moldable size 2.90mm 2.50mm

Molding can be done within the ranges shown above. We will also make efforts to mold tubes of other sizes, at client’s request. We can also cut to specified lengths and create long tubes, as well as produce small-lot jobs.

*We have demonstrated success in developing tubes for medical use, and are now considering expanding into analytical devices and other areas.