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The extrusion technology used in plastic pen nibs can also be used to mold tubes of various forms. A number of typical examples are shown below. Small-bore and thin-walled tubes are our specialty. We are also experienced in creating high-performance PEEK tubes.

  Abbreviation Characteristics   Actual dimensions
Min. Max.
Polyacetal POM Chemical-resistance,
Outer diameter 0.2 2.30
Inner diameter 0.04 1.60
Polyester elastomer TPEE Rubber-like Outer diameter 3.8 4.1
Inner diameter 3.25 3.4
Polyurethane elastomer TPU Rubber-like,
Outer diameter 1.3 ※2.0
Inner diameter 0.25 ※1.0
Polyether ether ketone PEEK Heat-resistance,
Outer diameter 0.42 2.9
Inner diameter 0.30 2.5
Polypropylene PP Chemical-resistance Outer diameter 1.0 ※1.4
Inner diameter 0.2 ※0.7
Polyvinylidene difluoride PVDF Heat-resistance,
Outer diameter 0.3 2.7
Inner diameter 0.2 2.30

Test lots can be made for the size ranges shown. We will also make efforts to mold tubes of other sizes, at client’s request. We can also cut to specified lengths and create long tubes, as well as produce small-lot jobs.

*We have demonstrated success in developing tubes for medical use, and are now considering expanding into analytical devices and other areas.

Items marked ※ are untested, but are estimated to be possible.