Absorption and Impregnation

Designs making free use of capillary force provide
properties not even seen up until now!

Capillary force control technology from TEIBOW is also effective in terms of fluid absorptive power.
TEIBOW can produce ideal custom-made absorptive elements by designing the capillary force to match fluid characteristics such as for magnetic ink, body fluids, blood, cutting oil, lubricants, etc.
Give serious thought to using plastic capillary tubes since they offer the benefits of flexibility, higher capillary force than synthetic fiber nib elements or glass capillary tubes, and whose tips can be freely shaped by grinding.


Plastic capillary tubes
Features: Plastic capillary tubes made by precise extrusion molding, exhibit capillary force by forming tiny internal channels on their cross sections and can then wick or suction up fluids.
Moreover an ideal internal channels and external pattern can be selected to match the viscosity and surface tension of the fluid being handled.

Moreover an ideal internal groove and external groove pattern can be selected to match the viscosity and surface tension of the fluid being handled.

Outer diameters: φ0.4mm~φ3.0mm
Internal channels
Outer channels


Synthetic fiber bundles
Features: Unlike conventional cotton swabs, synthetic fiber bundle structures have fibers arrayed lengthwise and so can wick or suction up more fluid.
TEIBOW provides absorptive force that satisfies customer needs by controlling the fiber quality, quantity, thickness, and binder quantity, to set an ideal wicking (suction) speed, wicking quantity, and hardness which are impossible to do with a cotton swab.
Examples for tip shapes
  • Synthetic fiber bundles can be machined into all types of shapes by grinding the tip that makes contact with the fluid.
    If sampling fluid is pinpointed in a narrow location for example, the tip is machined to a narrow shape, and if sampling a lot of fluid over a wide range, the tip is machined to a flat shape, so that different types of absorbance conditions can be handled.


Felt absorbents
Features: Felt absorbent is utilized for absorbent requiring a large surface area.
Manufacturing method: Cut out the required shape with a die-cutting from absorbent sheet fabricated in a size of 500 mm x 500 mm.
Design an absorbent having optimal absorbency by controlling the thickness and quantity of the fiber used in the felt.
Felt absorbent is utilized in urine sampling absorbent in pregnancy testing.


Main Applications

  • Medical field
    • Capillary tubes
    • Micropipettes
    • Fluid feed devices
    • Liquid tiny & fixed quantity sampler devices (blood, saliva, exudates from teeth)
    • Absorbents for pregnancy test chemicals
  • Industrial Applications
    • Lubricant oil absorbents

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