All types of fluids ranging from medicines, drugs, and
creams for
pinpoint application
application by correct quantity

TEIBOW nibs are usable as various kinds of liquid applicators such as medicines and oils.
Using a pen type applicator gives greater convenience during use.


Usage examples for medical applicators

Synthetic fiber nib elements
Features: TEIBOW offers synthetic fibers for applications ranging from cosmetics giving a smooth skin feeling to writing elements requiring hardness and strength.
TEIBOW also provides various types of fluid coatings by applying its in-house tech to design a capillary force matching the viscosity and surface tension of the fluid.
Plastic nib elements
Features: TEIBOW plastic nib elements can be made for applicators having a minute capillary force at an outer diameter of 1 mm or less.
These are especially ideal for pinpoint application needs.
PBT brushes
Features: Inserting synthetic fiber nib elements into PBT brushes allows fabricating a brush applicator capable of stabilizing the leading of the fluid to the tip.
Moreover, these PBT brushes can even be mounted and used in tube containers. High viscosity chemicals such as creams and gels can be supplied to the tip by squeezing them out of tube containers and coated over a wider area with a brush. In this way, cream can be coated on something without soiling fingertips.
Unique cross-sectional fiber brushes
Features: These are brushes using fibers having unique cross sections. These brushes can hold more fluid than fibers having an ordinary circular cross section and are also drip-resistant since the fiber contains its own capillary force.
Synthetic fiber hollow nib elements
Features: Hollow holes formed in the center of the synthetic fiber nib element.
High viscosity fluid such as cream squeezed out from the hollow hole can be coated over a wider area.
Felt nib elements
Features: Felt nib elements are used when manufacturing large-sized applicators.
These are ideal for coating fluid over a wide area.


Main Applications

  • Medical care field
    • Coating medicinal external liquids
    • Coating skincare liquids
  • Industrial field
    • Oil coatings
    • Paint coatings
  • Agricultural field
    • Organic nutrient solution coatings
    • Herbicide (weedkiller) coatings

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