Touch pen nibs, Stylus pen nibs

Touch pens and Stylus pens TEIBOW tech gives a special
writing feel
for a world that wants a higher standard!

TEIBOW fabricates 2 types of pen nibs for touch pens and stylus pens, namely synthetic fiber nibs and extruded plastic nibs.
These were designed mainly for meeting needs in marking pen nib technology and so allow reproducing that writing-on-paper feel even on tablet devices.


Synthetic fiber nibs

  • Synthetic fiber nibs from TEIBOW provide just the right hardness and a writing feeling that only fiber can give by forming air gaps in the nib.



Writing feeling control technique

The writing feeling is designed to precisely match customer preferences by making fine changes in the fiber material, size, quantity and binder type and quantity.

① Fiber types

Polyester fiber, nylon fiber and acrylic fiber are available and used according to the required quality.

Polyester fibers
Features: Offers wide-ranging variations in writing feeling ranging from soft to hard.
Outer diameters: φ1.0mm~φ10.0mm
Nylon fibers
Features: Gives a resilient sensation to the writing feeling Nylon fibers can be used to produce pen nibs that flexibility like that of a brush.
Outer diameters: φ1.0mm~φ8.0mm
Acrylic fibers
Features: Can give a hard writing feeling.
Outer diameters: φ2.0mm~φ10.0mm

② Air gap designs

TEIBOW controls the hardness of the writing feeling with tech that gives precise control of fiber and binder quantities and by designing large air gaps.


Conductivity can be applied even to stylus pens when needed, which provides an optimal writing feeling with low electrical resistance.


Plastic nibs

  • Plastic nibs from TEIBOW apply micro-extrusion mold technology that puts air spaces inside the pen nib element.
  • These air spaces are made by custom TEIBOW technology that forms ink paths in the marking pen.



Technique of controlling writing feeling

Writing feeling control is achieved by flexible design with multi-spatial patterns formed by extrusion molding and plastic material types.

① Material types

Types include polyacetal (POM) and polyester elastomer. These are applied according to the material characteristics.

Polyacetal (POM) nib elements
Features: This material provides high durability.
Though this is a hard material, it can be adjusted to give a soft touch by applying the right spatial pattern.
Outer diameters: φ0.4mm~φ3.0mm
Polyester elastomer nib elements
Features: Gives a feeling of flexibility and the right friction during writing and gives an ideal writing feeling when writing characters and letters.
Applying a particular spatial pattern creates an optimal writing feeling.
Outer diameters: φ0.9mm~φ3.0mm

② Spatial pattern designs

We offer all types of writing feeling such as a soft writing feeling by widening the spaces and a hard writing feeling by narrowing the spaces.

More than 30 types of spatial patterns are available. We offer the ideal pattern to match customer needs.
We also do custom design work to create new spatial patterns.


Conductive polyacetal (POM) covered over the outer circumference of the plastic nib element is applied to stylus pens to give the required conductivity.


Shape and contour types

  • Shapes are made by grinding them. We can fabricate these into all types of shapes and dimensions to meet customer needs.
Synthetic fiber nibs
Plastic nibs
  • We can provide these in bullet shapes, chisel shapes ideal for drawing wide lines, and also brush shapes combining soft materials.
  • These can also be assembled into metal holders.
  • If particular shapes are needed, first of all consult us and provide drawings, etc.



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