Liquid Liner

Eyeliner / Eyebrow / Lip Liner

For the applicator of liquid eyeliner, we supply the nylon tip, which gives soft and smooth feeling on eyes, and the PBT brush, which takes on the unique character of nice gliding and bounciness. We supply the customized tip for any type of components such as filter type, free ink type, and dip type. We can design and develop both applicator and filter for filter type component, or both applicator and ink feeder for free ink component. For the development of liquid products, it is necessary to control the flow of ink, and therefore the development itself needs know-how. We will organize all the producers and support your development in a timely manner. Teibow is the only supplier which can offer you the customization of both brush and ink feeder. Now we offer you the suitable products for high viscous bulk or color / glitter bulk. Applicator is available for not only eyeliner but also for liquid eyebrow and lip liner, and even for hair product.


We can offer the suitable applicator for make-up remover / corrector pens. White tip shows you the color of formula on tip after removing, but black one doesnt show anything on tip after removing. We have special coated tip which enables you to peel cuticle of nail in parallel with application of care oil formula. Tip needs certain hardness as nail applicator and needs to be compliance with your formula. We support your development with many years experience.


We utilized our plastic extrusion technology and could develop the new plastic fiber for mascara. It is much softer than existing fiber and gives you more volume of formula because of unique cross section of fiber. 




For a nail art applicator, we can offer you a plastic nib having hollow inside and unique cross section. For a nail care applicator, we can offer you a polyester nib.