New Fields

~Beyond the pen tip~
Teibow, the world's top share of the pen tip, opens up new fields

<<With 60years experience of nib manufacturing, we are opening up new field>>
For Stylus pens, Touch pens, fragrance, medical application, medical tube, filter, agricultural water wick, etc.
We have a wide lineup of materials such as fiber nibs (polyester, acrylic, nylon), plastics nibs, sintered nibs, and PBT brushes.
We propose custom-made products that are most suitable for your own application.
More than 100,000 units per order will be highly welcomed.

Product examples - Absorption

《Blood absorber》

Absorb an appropriate amount of blood with capillary force.

《Hygiene swabs》

Swab the surface of the target object with a swab.

《Oral care》

The yellowing and tars on the teeths are absorbed by the numerous pores of the nib.

Product examples - Wicking/Retention/Diffusion

《Wicks for air freshener》

Wick the formulated fragrances to the volatilized media.

《Sticks for air freshener》

Wick and volatilize the formulated fragrances with the sticks.

《Agricultural water wick》

Supply a suitable amount of water and nourishing solution to crops.

《In vitro diagnostics》

Retain and transfer liquids such as blood, urine, saliva etc and react with reagents. It is also used
for a pregnancy test kit. 

《Ink absorber for printer》

Retain, flow control and release an appropriate amount of ink.

Product examples - Filtration


For air filters, pipette tip filters or other laboratory equipments.

《Industrial filter》

Remove impurities through a filter.

Product examples - Application


Apply drugs to human skins as medical applicators with pinpoint accuracy.

《Industrial application》

Apply industrial liquid such as primers pinpointly.
It is used in industrial markers.

Product examples - Nibs for stylus

《Stylus pens》

For smartphones and tablets.
It is possible to produce Conductive or Non-conductive nibs, which applied to variety of Stylus types such as Active(Digital) stylus or Passive(Capacitive) stylus.
Our tips can be customized with a proper shape and writing feeling as per customers' request.

Touch pens

For Interactive panel and electronic whiteboards.
Our tips can be customized with a proper shape and writing feeling as per customers' request.

Product examples - Tubing

《Medical tube》

For catheter tubes, liquid feed tubes etc.

《Insulation tube》

Tube with excellent heat resistance and insulation. It can be used as a protective tube for thermistor sensors.