Liquid Liner

Teibow is a leading company of applicator manufacturer for liquid products.

We are No. 1 supplier of nylon tip for liquid eyeliner, and the only supplier which can develop and manufacture both brush and ink feeder.

The most suitable tip for your component and your formula will be offered to you.


We have various types of applicator for make-up corrector, nail remover and even for nail care. Not only regular white tip but also black nib or coated nib are available.


A newly-developed mascara filament with our plastic extrusion technology. It gives you much softer application and the more volume of formula.


For a nail applicator, we offer you the various types such as plastic nib or hard polyester nib depending on your component and formula.



We don’t have any standard items. All the item is customized for you.

Upon your request, we support your development to accomplish new innovation which doesn’t exist at the current market or to make a differentiated item.

Our well-trained sales representative supports all the development process from design to industrialization.



We are a global leading company based in Japan, Hamamatsu city, as manufacture of cosmetics applicator with No. 1 share. We are quick to respond all the inquires coming from all over the world. Our service is a stable and high-quality supply of nibs to component manufactures or OEM/OEM worldwide.