Metal processing methods that open up possibilities

Our company with the top class share in Japan, can support a variety of metal parts production.

SGS ISO9001,UKAS 005

Teibow’s MIM division is ISO9001-2008-certified.

"MIM" is an advanced technology that anticipates the future of metal processing.

Representing one of the latest metal processing techniques, MIM (Metal Injection Molding) was created by fusing traditional plastic injection molding technology with powder metallurgy. Injection molding using metal molds makes it easy to manufacture otherwise hard to machine parts, including micro, precision, intricately shaped, and 3D parts. MIM is also superbly suited for mass production, as demonstrated by our ability to manufacture at rates ranging from 1,000 to 1 million pieces per month. MIM works best for parts that weigh around 0.05 g to 50 g, but it can also mass-produce parts weighing up to approximately 100 g.
We have been able to use the Hollow MIM technology to make further technological advances and produce shapes that were previously difficult to produce.
As a MIM manufacturer with top-class production capacity in Japan, we will make further strides toward the world.。