Our customizations realize your needs


We knuckle down to customize a sample to meet your needs and can propose the best designed nib suitable to a reservoir, ink and component you use.
Please feel free to contact us as we have a support system for new customers.

Flow from sample inquiry to shipment

  1. Requests and inquiries from customers

  2. Design discussion

  3. Sample production

  4. Quality inspection
  5. Shipment

Wide variety of items

Around 3,400 items have been handled at TEIBOW.
Our strength is that we can make the best proposal from a large number of options according to your request.

Fiber nib

  • Our major product.
  • Plenty kinds of fiber and resin. About 3,000 types available at TEIBOW.
  • A wide design range for A shape and capillary force.
  • A round stick with outer diameter between φ1 and φ10 is producible.

Plastic nib

  • It is extruded plastic.
  • Micro fine diameter is available, that is difficult to achieve the good balance of capillary force and strength by fiber tip.
  • Inner shape determines the capillary force.
  • We have more than 50 kinds of shape patterns.

Felt nib

  • Our history of porous body started with this felt.
  • We make the shape by die-cutting the flat plate fiber, so that the tip shape is two dimensions.
  • Jumbo size is available, which is difficult to make it with fiber tip.

PBT brush

  • Here is one of our new items.
  • Brush is a standard applicator for cosmetics, but it is also good for stationary.
  • We offer the customized combination of brush and ink feeder.
  • Dia 1.2 through 5.0 is available.

Sintered nib

  • It is not fiber tip.
  • Sinter nib, which is made from polyethylene by mold.
  • It is low friction resistance and gives you smooth writing
  • The feasibility of shape depends on the feasibility of mold.

Rubber nib

  • Polyolefin porous nib.
  • It is soft but has good bouncing force, and strong resistance with alcohol.

Variation of Product Design

We prepare various kinds of material in order for us to fulfill all your various requests. 
It enables us to make a good combination of it with our high-skilled production technique and supply the best product to you.

Example of Fiber Tip Product Design

Example of Fiber Tip Product Design.
We knuckle down to customize a sample to meet your needs and can propose the best designed nib by selecting various fibers and resin and also changing the amount of those.

《Design of Fiber》

《Design of Resin》